Above are images that Matthew is using as inspiration for artful elements in the park, as well as some of his concept designs for artful seating, tables, and fences.


The renovation of Culliton Park is an exciting arts-integrated capital improvement project. Artist, Matthew Geller is working with landscape architects, RGS,  to integrate art into this critical public space in the Southwest. In early 2018 the project began with Geller immersing himself in the neighborhood by meeting with residents and community organizations. Later Geller paired up with artist Salina Almanzar, to incorporate diverse community input into the park design. We are inspired by his ideas for artful fences, shade structures, seating, and tables. Salina Almanzar’s community outreach project, Art Pop, the renovation has been driven primarily be residents and other community stake-holders

The Culliton Park Art Integration is part of the ongoing revival of the neighborhoods in Lancaster’s Southwest quadrant. Our project builds on this momentum and the renewed desire for a sense of place in this part of our city. Engaging neighbors, residents, and all those who use the park as stakeholders, the renovation will result not only in a more beautiful, sustainable space, but in a place where a sense of ownership is felt and diverse voices come together in conversations.

Community Partners


Time Frame

Present - Summer 2020