Meet Paolo Del Toro - Station Case Artist

It’s time for round two! We are really excited to announce our next station case artist is Paolo Del Toro...can you even believe it! Paolo’s design concepts have him using both cases for our next installment of artwork that starts in January. Some of you know Paolo as he is a creative force in our Lancaster community, some of you don’t. But really - we could all stand to get to know each other better, so let’s do it. Lancaster this is Paolo. Paolo, here’s Lancaster.

Hailing from the UK, Paolo now resides in Lancaster.
He studied illustration in the UK, but didn’t totally find his feet. After receiving his degree, he became a farmer for about 6 years and that's where he taught himself sculpture. 

How did you find out about the station case project with Lancaster Public Art?
I don't remember exactly. I think maybe someone told me about it. (that someone is a good friend)

Have you ever done a project like this before?
Not totally like this, the closest thing to public art I've been involved with is the Samhain festival I took part in when I lived in Scotland. For those that don't know, Samhain is one of the festivals that merged into the modern Halloween. I created and wore a giant 8-foot wolf costume on stilts as part of a procession of about 80 other strange creatures and beings. Hmm.. perhaps it's not much like the station cases project actually.  (we don’t feel like it’s too far off)

What made you decide that you wanted to apply to have your work in one of our station cases?
I'm a bit frustrated with the kind of art that seems to dominate in Lancaster. If I see another painting of a barn I think I might go into convulsions. The station cases seem like a good spot for something else to flourish and I wanted to be a part of that. (is that the six years of farming talking?)

What’s your favorite fruit?
The pear.

If you had to choose one of these to hang out with, which would you choose: alien, robot, or sea monster?
I'm not a strong swimmer and I can probably just wait a few years for a chat with a decent AI, but you said robot I guess. Technically a Roomba is a robot, so I'll go with the alien. No, wait... the Roomba, that would be really useful actually.

What else would you like us to know about you?
I love synthetic banana flavored things. (we’re not sure how to feel about this….but we’re really glad we talked about it)

You can see more of Paolo at: or @pdtoro

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