Josh Graupera was chosen as our artist for phase one of our PACE Project. We would like to introduce him to you as he will be working heavily in our Southeast neighborhoods. Lancaster, meet Josh....

I'm Josh Graupera and I am your 2018 PACE Artist.

I am from Lancaster, PA

I studied at Millersville University of Pennsylvania (BFA, Fine Arts, 2014) and Skowhegan School of Painting (Sculpture, 2016).

How and when did you become involved in public art?
My first introduction to public art was painting a mural for La Academia Charter school in 2008. I was a member of the Lancaster City Public Art Advisory Board while I was studying at Millersville. Since then, I’ve been lending my artistic energies to projects that involve or center community participation and/or direction, with a focus on people or color. I found out about the PACE program from current Public Art Advisory Board member, Salina Almanzar, who sent the application my way.

What made you decide that you wanted to apply to be our PACE artist?
I grew up in Southeast Lancaster City and have always wanted to lend my skills back to the neighborhood that shaped me. It is an incredible honor to be able to do that now.

What would you like us to know about you since you are going to be learning a lot about us?

  • I REALLY REALLY love video games….and memes...and cartoons. I think they’re the best visual art forms we have today!

  • I love getting to know people over food. (Tacos and chicken fingers rule!)

  • I’m like water! I blur and shift the lines between art, activism and community practices. I think the best additions to our culture and lives at large are usually the things we don’t consider as “art.” I welcome you to bring all of your ideas, stories and challenges forward.

  • I look like Prince, so I’m easy to spot in the neighborhood! (see below)

  • I’m willing to bet you can find a lot of my old paintings hanging at the Spanish American Civic Association’s Cigar Building. :)

You can explore more of Josh's work at

Or find him on Instagram: @graupy

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