In the last five weeks, if you have walked by Culliton Park on Saturday, you would have seen a decorated pop-up tent with adults and children making art. The last five weeks Culliton Park has been the site of pop-up art making, led by artist Salina Almanzar. The pop-ups, called Art Pop, have been a way for neighbors to engage with the history of Culliton Park and what they envision the future of the park to be. The ark making events included activities such as, painting masks, painting wooden panels, coloring and drawing, and zine making. 

Art Pop followed Almanzar’s project, “Love Notes for a Park,” where neighbors can write a note to Culliton park and tie it onto the fence in a rapidly growing heart. Neighbors continue to add notes to the park at each Art Pop event.

Check out these photos from the Art Pop events that have happened so far!