Tec Centro Job Fair (12/12/18)

This post was taken from the blog of Josh Graupera.

On December 12th, Tech Centro, a dual-language job-training training school invited me to talk to participants from their weekly job fair and ask what they’d like to see in the Southeast in the future.

We spent a lot of time talking about the hurdles folks face trying to find a well-paying jobs as well as what kind of businesses could exist in the southeast. A few ideas stood out: more business owned by black people, a cafe, a free art school, dental services and more programs that help folks in recovery find work.

Some folks were even brutally honest--expressing nihilism that things probably wouldn’t get better for the Southeast, or for people of color, in general. However, optimistic or not, folks do believe in working their hardest each day for the lives they want.

Big thanks to Michelle Johnsen and Silas Crews for documenting the event. Check out photos on Michelle’s website!

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