Meet Dmitrii Volkov - Station Case Artist

An in-progress image of Dmitrii’s Station Case piece.

An in-progress image of Dmitrii’s Station Case piece.

Round three has arrived! We are excited to introduce you to artist, Dmitrii Volkov. Dmitrii’s work is now on view in our Station Cases. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Volkov and his work, here are some tidbits for you: Dmitrii was born and educated in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where he received two M.F.A’s in Art Design and Book Illustration and later in Metalworking and Jewelry. With over twenty years of fabrication and design experience, Dmitrii works as a metal sculptor and jeweler; he was even selected to restore the 18th century Catherine the Great Palace near his hometown in Russia, a site part of the UNESCO heritage…how sweet is that?! Within his work as a metal sculptor and jeweler, Dmitrii focuses on combinations of volumes, patterns, and colors, or all three together ( We were able to better get to know Dmitrii and would love to share more about our upcoming station case artist with you all.

How did you find out about the station case project with Lancaster Public Art?

When I arrived in the US one year ago, I started immediately to look for opportunities to participate in public art. A friend of mine gave me an article in The New York Times about the fast-growing city Lancaster, where the Art is loved. I googled resources and found out about this project.

 Have you ever completed a project like this before?

There are no events in Russia with the same or similar way to expose an art in public places temporarily. Usually art exhibitions take place in museums or galleries. I have several public sculptures with permanent locations in the streets and museums of Saint-Petersburg. 

What drew you to apply to have your work in one of our station cases?

If it was the National Gallery of Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it would not be so sharp. It is a very good idea to place cases to expose the art on a way of daily traffic. Possibly, a [someone] could be more impressed watching an object of art at the train station than in a museum. And I feel a big responsibility working for a [a person] who is waiting for a train and immersed in [their] own thoughts—sometimes joyful, sometimes sad. I can bring [them] into my universe.     

Since your work is displayed in a train station… if you had to choose one, would you rather travel by train, plane, boat, or automobile?

If I have enough time, I definitely chose a train. You do not drive, just enjoy travel and watch through the window. I used to travel a lot by train in my childhood. My grandfather was an engineer who designed railroads and bridges, so his family had a privilege to travel by train free of charge. The journey usually lasted two days and I loved just watching through the window on passing by fields, woods, cities, and countries.

What is your favorite Russian food? Favorite American food?

I am very simple with food. Probably my favorite Russian food is sort of cold soup made of beets. Once I was lucky to try Dutch cabbage rolls, it was delicious. 

What else would you like us to know about you?

I am very excited to be invited to this project!

You can see more of Dmitrii at