First Artful Intersections Mural Complete - Crystal and First Streets


On Saturday, June 29th, the first Artful Intersections mural was officially completed at the intersection of Crystal and First Streets. With the help of southeast Lancaster neighbors, the West Lancaster Jewels organization, and head artists’ Justin Jones, Sophie Roman, Adam Serrano, Hunter Bank, and Eric Regester, the mural paint-in was a positive, energetic, and engaging community event! The colorful illustration is acting as a pilot for future Artful Intersections projects. Lancaster Public Art is currently gathering metric information to learn about the effects that the Crystal and First mural will have on reducing motorists’ speeds and the number of traffic incidents at the intersection, as well as increasing the sense of safety for residents in the WLJ neighborhood. We hope to learn what worked and what may need improved upon for future murals. Thank you to everyone who took part in our first Artful Intersections event!