Lancaster Public Art

Public Art Advocates


Public Art Advocates believe in the power of public art in Lancaster City.

They are committed to seeing that the public art program is successful in its mission and persistence. They help to spread the word about our opportunities and events wherever and whenever they can.




What is a public art advocate?

So happy you asked. Many in our community believe in the power of public art in Lancaster City and they want to do more. They know what Lancaster Public Art is all about! They tell their friends about current projects, they take their out of town guests on tours of completed projects, they share social media posts, they come to events, they open every email from Jo and they see that public art makes a difference. They’re like a best friend that you would buy a best friend necklace for.

This sounds pretty awesome. Almost too good to be true. Can I do more?

Are you for real!?! YES! You can super-size your advocacy by letting us know what talents or skills you have that you might be willing to volunteer for us in the future. That part is on the form below so if you think you want to give more - we’ll take it! But if not, that’s cool too. Being an Advocate is good enough!

Ok! I’m in, what do I do?

Now that you know what we’re up to, please send a response by filling out this fancy form. Thanks for giving a damn!

I am 98% sure I’m in but before I do all of that, what types of things do you think I can do as a public art advocate?

  1. Share, share, share!!! Tell all your friends, family, and co-workers about public art.  If we post something, share it. If we send you an email, share it. If we invite you to a public event, share it (and come to it).

  2. If you see a project on the horizon and there’s something that you think you can contribute – please let us know!

  3. We’re going to have around two or more get-togethers a year so if we send you an invite, we hope you can come! It will be rad. There will be games and/or prizes. If twice a year is not enough Public Art gathering for you, come to a (or several) public art board meeting(s) or at least occasionally check-in with the minutes that are posted online.